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Error Definitions

When should I receive an alert that my record loaded or erred?

After posting or uploading a record, you should receive an acknowledgment alert in 120 minutes or less whether the record successfully IMPORTED or encountered an error.

Item values exceeding length limitations?

Fabric Content - 50 or fewer latin-based characters
Country of Origin - 2 digit ISO code.

Error: date time format is incorrect?

For manually uploaded files, your dates need to match this format: MM/dd/yyyy. Example 11/05/2019. Not following the date format causes the file to fail. Example of INCORRECT date formats:
ยป 11/5/19 (this is very close and the most common error with the date format, but the year in this incorrect format needs to be the full year, 2019)
ยป 5th November 2019
ยป 5/11/19
ยป 2019 - November 5th
ยป November 5th, 2019 CE

Error: "Maximum or minimum field lengths not met." A value sent was either too short or (more commonly) too long. The most commonly exceeded field lengths are Ship To Name and Ship To Address lines (limit 50 characters each line). To resolve, correct the data and resend the record.

Commonly Exceeded Field Lengths (must not exceed the length limitations below):


Length Limitation

Ship to Name (REQUIRED)

up to 50 characters

Ship to Address 1 (REQUIRED)

up to 50 characters

Ship to Address 2

up to 50 characters

Ship to Address 3

up to 50 characters

Ship to Attention

up to 50 characters

Ship to Postal Code (REQUIRED)

up to 25 characters

Ship to City (REQUIRED)

up to 30 characters

Ship to State (REQUIRED)

2-digit ISO code only

Ship to Country (REQUIRED)

2-digit ISO code only

Ship to Phone Number (REQUIRED if international destination)

up to 50 characters

Ship to Email Address

up to 50 characters

Error: "The trailing status on the corresponding shipment header is too high. The shipment could not be processed."

The shipment or order already exists in Ramp's system, and cannot be updated because activity has already been performed.

Error: "Item "ABC" with company "XYZ" does not exist."

The document sent references a SKU or ITEM that does not exist in Ramp's system. To resolve, send an updated SKU file. After confirming the SKU file has loaded, resend the order, PO, or RA.

Error: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'XPKDOWNLOAD_ORDER_HEADER'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.DOWNLOAD_ORDER_HEADER'. The duplicate key value is (RAMP00000000353617).

This means that for the same record number (pick ticket # or receipt ID), there was contradicting data in the header record. For example, if a flat file has 10 rows and the ship-to address is different for the same order #, system attempts to import the same order number twice, resulting in this error. See below for a common root-cause for this type of error. The flat file for order #2791 has a different ship-to address on the last row (an extra SPACE character), which system interprets as a different shipping address. Since the header record can only have 1 ship-to address, the order is NOT imported. The solution is to make the order have the same shipping address. A similar issue happens in flat files if the PO # differs from row to row for the same order number.

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Error Definitions

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