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Ramp Logistics delivers global fulfillment solutions for premium apparel, footwear, accessories, and consumer goods brands.

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Secure File Uploader

Our secure upload utility allows you to upload ORDER files immediately, without having to wait in a queue. In turn, this speeds up the ability for Ramp to ship to your customers.

File formats accepted: supplied by Ramp. Must be a .csv file format.



Ā» what do the columns mean? click here to learn which columns are required and which information you should include in the file.
Ā» filename: must follow this convention: YYMMDDhhmm_CLIENTCODEpkt.csv (for example, if your client code is MYA and your uploading a file at 3:45 PM December 5th, 2019, your filename looks like this:

Read more about troubleshooting common errors here.

Login credentials are available upon request and approval. Please reach out to your account manager for more information.*

First, login to the secure portal

Go to connect.ramplogistics.com and enter the user credentials given to you by Ramp.

Then, follow these 3-steps to upload your file:

Ā» Click on the "FILES" tab

files tab

Ā» Click on the "TORAMP" folder (directly under your username)
Ā» Then, select "Click here to upload"

Ā» Finally, select your file and click the UPLOAD button

secure upload window

*Login may require 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) and credentials are frequently updated to protect your data on a maximum interval of 90 or less days.

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Secure File Uploader

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